BioEye for Drug Impairment

BioEye’s pupillary response drug detection system, Eympair, provides real-time detection of narcotics so that commercial trucking companies can prevent drug impaired drivers from operating a vehicle, thus reducing risk of accidents, injuries, death and downtime, while also lowering insurance costs.

Currently in late development stage, Eympair is a proprietary, patent pending, mobile eye tracking application coupled with a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform that utilizes pupillary biomarkers to provide real-time, accurate detection of whether a driver is using drugs and unfit to operate a vehicle.  Eympair also alerts company management so that potentially impaired drivers can be kept off the road.

Current drug detection solutions including widely used saliva, urine, blood, and hair sample tests are expensive and take days or months to return results.  None can detect drug or alcohol use in real-time nor can they prevent a drugged driver from operating a vehicle.

Based upon research compiled over the past fifty years by major research institutions, Eympair measures pupillary biomarkers and responses to distinct stimuli to determine whether the driver is potentially impaired by alcohol, marijuana (THC), opioids (heroine, fentanyl, etc.), amphetamines, stimulates or barbiturates.