BioEye for Cognitive Decline

A mobile eye-tracking solution providing a reliable low-cost screening method, enabling early detection of cognitive decline. Timely and effective intervention at this early stage will add many healthy years and will save massive costs for the health providers.

Cognitive decline is progressive and irreversible, and in our aging society, its prevalence is increasingly rapidly. A new generation of drugs and intervention programs aimed at treating cognitive decline are showing great promise in adding healthy years and improving quality of life. Yet, it is becoming clear that the key to effective treatment is early detection. Monitoring, assessment and screening wide populations to achieve early preclinical detection will allow the discovery of new treatments and the earliest possible intervention—ideally years before symptoms of cognitive decline become evident.

Recent research has demonstrated that eye biomarkers such as pupil size, blink rate and eye movements allow the early detection of cognitive decline, including conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Our patent-pending BioEye mobile eye-tracking application allows continuous passive monitoring of a user’s cognitive state using high quality eye biomarkers and offers a reliable low-cost screening method. Our first clinical trial (Dec 2017) in cognitive decline is showing promising results. Our second trial with a leading hospital in Israel started in February 2019.