Concussion diagnosis and beyond

Breakthrough mobile health technology

Our Story

BioEye was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing mobile eye-tracking technology. With growing interest in the technology’s possibilities, BioEye has secured a partnership with the AFL and Monash University to validate its utility in concussion diagnosis and management.

BioEye is now seeking further partnerships as we work toward regulatory approvals for concussion assessment and management. 

BioEye plans to expand into other areas of brain impairment diagnosis and management in areas such as cognitive decline, drug impairment, assisting opioid weaning and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

“As a professional fighter preparation is everything. Having a tool like this allows you to tailor your training routine, know you’re well and perform at your best. I will be using this technology for all the young fighters I coach to make sure they stay healthy and realise their dreams.”

Adi Rotem

Professional Fighting World Champion

BioEye is:

  • Readily deployable for all levels of support, from grassroots to elite sport
  • Easy to use under a range of circumstances
  • Sensitive to abnormalities through taking multiple eye movement measurements
  • Capable of documenting an individual’s eye movements quantitatively
  • Inexpensive with its smartphone based technology.

The BioEye Leadership Team

Experts in Technology, Business and Medical

Marcus Schweizer

Marcus Schweizer


A dynamic health-technology leader with a strong engineering background and 13 years’ experience inspiring tech-driven teams.

Steven Barrett

Steven Barrett

Head of Project & Partnerships

Customer service oriented with over 15 years experience in working with strategic partners and managing relationships.

What makes BioEye special

An age-old science digitised.

For centuries, doctors have been asking patients to follow their finger or shining lights into patients’ eyes to examine brain function.

BioEye offers a technological alternative that is efficient and objective.

Proven technology harnessing the smartphone.

Similar precision technology already exists but is made inaccessible with bulky and costly hardware. We are now at a point in history where smartphone technology can assist in empowering individuals, democratising and digitising healthcare. BioEye is able to harness that power.

Leadership team with proven track record.

Since being founded by Eran Ferri and Dovi Yellin, specialists in algorithm development and neuroscience, BioEye has welcomed CEO Marcus Schweizer, a Sydney-based proven leader in medical tech start-ups, overseeing a passionate development and operations team.

The opportunities are endless.

BioEye will launch with a product to assist in the management of concussion. From there we will progress trials in multiple conditions where the accurate measurement of eye biomarkers can deliver improved care.

Just imagine the benefits

The sports star who needs to check on his recovery.

The policeman who needs to test a drug-affected driver.

The elderly woman worried about her memory loss.

The doctor who wants backup to justify his diagnosis.

The business owner wanting to keep her workers safe.

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