Mobile Monitoring for Drug Impairment, Concussions and Cognitive Decline


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BioEye, Ltd. has developed a proprietary, patent-pending mobile eye-tracking platform which utilizes a smart phone camera to capture changes in ocular biomarkers to assess changes in brain function.

Using our application and a smartphone camera, we capture a short video of the eyes, and using machine learning models extract eye markers in real-time, uploading them to a big-data cloud repository for analysis.




Low-cost method for the detection of sports concussion at clinics AND on the sidelines. Accurate, timely concussion detection could enable doctors, medical personnel, and caregivers to make informed decisions about their patients to improve long-term outcomes.  Read more..

Drug Impairment

Drug impairment detection which provides real-time, accurate information on whether a commercial truck driver is using drugs and unfit to operate a vehicle.  Alerts trucking company management of possible impairment so that unsafe drivers can be kept off the road..  Read more..

Cognitive Decline

Continuous passive monitoring of a user’s cognitive state using high quality eye biomarkers offers a reliable low-cost screening method.  Read more..



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