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Brain assessment in the palm of your hand. Safeguard your health with easy to use eye-tracking technology.

Visionary Technology

BioEye has developed a proprietary eye-tracking platform which measures eye movements via a smartphone to assess changes in brain function.

It has been known for centuries that testing eye movements and reflexes are an easy way to get a picture of brain function, particularly after an event that could lead to a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

Advances in smartphone technology coupled with BioEye’s sophisticated algorithms allows for these measurements to be quantified accurately and consistently.

Concussion identification and monitoring is just the start of BioEye’s capability, which we are proudly launching through a partnership with a leading sporting organisation to improve player health.

The science is here, the potential is limitless!

Where BioEye could help improve health outcomes


Drug and alcohol impairment

Cognitive Decline

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Opioid Weaning

A powerful new force that changes the game

  • Consistently accurate measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Quick
  • Deep insights

“What really excites me about the BioEye technology is that the team is leveraging the latest scientific research about brain activity and eye biomarkers. They’ve combined this with top notch machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The result is a readily available app that can be accessed by millions of people around the world!”

Gadi Mikles

Head of Innovation and Research Product Management, eBay

Sports industry spotlight

Why better concussion diagnosis and management is critical?


1/3 of athletes have
a sustained blow

The Prevalence of Undiagnosed Concussion in Athletes (2013)


Around 50% of
concussions go unreported
or undiagnosed.

Sports Medicine


Concussions can lead to acute brain swelling with mortality rate close to 50% and morbidity rate almost 100%.

Sports Guidelines for treatment of sport related concussions, Academy of Physicians (2007)

“Traumatic brain injury is the “silent epidemic” which contributes to worldwide death and disability more than any other traumatic insult.”

(J. Neurology 2018)

The tools currently used to determine whether a concussive event has occurred are largely subjective and time consuming.

By empowering individuals with the easy-to-use and affordable BioEye app, the technology can assist in optimal management decisions.

In any sporting environment, BioEye may be a significant opportunity for team personnel to provide a better duty of care to those under their responsibility.

No other competitor in the market encompasses the wide range of relevant neuro-ophthalmological tests.

BioEye is now working toward a solution to support concussion diagnosis and management, providing accurate information in real time.

How will BioEye help improve concussion management on the sports field?

BioEye tracks these same markers and can work in conjunction with doctors in diagnosis and management. BioEye:

Gives medical experts more information to support their diagnosis and make optimal management decisions.

Gives reassurance to players through the ability to accurately monitor and track recovery of concussion events.

Enquire about our scientific trials

BioEye welcomes sporting partners

We proudly invite other sporting codes to in BioEye concussion trials, overseen by independent researchers from Monash University Neuroscience Department.

BioEye welcomes clinical partners

We welcome proposals from medical centres regarding possible future research utilising the BioEye technology platform.

BioEye fulfils all the important criteria to recognise and document episodes of concussion.

Prof Owen B White


Co-director of Monash University Neuroscience Laboratory